New Tara Plats

@ zombie suicide man location and mp

These come with a hud to change 15 textures for the main part of the shoe and 2 textures for the base.

Works only with slink high feet.

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New @ zombie suicide

@ Zombie suicide. Now Released at main store.
Many of you you have been waiting for this to be out and finally its here.. <3

It is mod so you can adjust and turn and make bigger or smaller if you need to fit your boobies lol. It comes with a hud that has 8 diff textures for the tentacles and 3 textures for the suckers.

Will be on Mp soon.

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Bloody horror fest :D

My fav time of the year.. <333

I have two items for this event. Im soo excited to of been able to be a sponsor for the event.

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Suicide dollz starts today

I was grabbed at last minute. :D
Zombie suicide is in this round of Suicide Dollz. :D

I figured whats best for halloween then some cute pig ears. :D
You can chose from pink or grey ears to buy and they come with a hud to change the beads. <33

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Zombie Suicide @ body mod expo

Zombie suicide @ The body mod expo.

The Body Modification Expo is NOW OPEN!
Over 100 of your favorite stores are bringing you new, exclusive releases all related to body modification / accessories (and of course shoes).
Scripts are monitored on the sim, a maximum of 40 are allowed so please come prepared by removing your excess scripts before landing or it will teleport you home!



New in store, Killer heels

they come with a hud to change textures. :) works with slink high feet only

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Ive updated mp finally - Took forever..

Zombie suicide on mp is now update :Make sure you sort me Newest to see all the new items on mp.

Mp link

Also i put my new spiked headbands out and my new spiked posture colars are in my store and mp..

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