Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zombie suicide - Project limited 2nd Item

From Zombie Suicide -
Second item for Project limited is out now - NOW OUT!!!!

Obsessed Mask - Chose between 3 colors - Grey, Black and Brown. Only 100 Of each color will be sold..

Smooth shopping right now, not much lag if any..
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Projected Limited

Zombie Suicide @ Project Limited..  - Open Now Go Go - LOL

So many awesome designers.. Some wont set their main item up tell later so you will need to make sure to come back.. 

My purse only 150 will be available.. Enjoy
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Monday, January 13, 2014

New @ zombie suicide No2 - 1/13/14

New @ Zombie Suicide
  Firil Studded Flats..

Unisex - resize scripted, alpha and 15 options via hud. :D

Main location - Click here to tp

Mp - Click here to tp

Abbie jackets

New @ Zombie Suicide -
  Abbie Jacket.. 2 versions each has 15 options.. U can grab them @ main location or on Mp.. Make sure u try the demo first..

Main location - Click here to tp

Mp - Click here to go to mp

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zombie suicide @ Suicide Dollz

Zombie Suicide @  Suicide Dollz -
   Today started the new round.. I have these amazing zandra claws.. :D

This version comes with 8 tipped options - fits size 10 and 20 female reg sl hands and all sizes for Slink Casual Female hands.. They are mod so guys can fit them to their hands or u can fit them to other slink hands or sizes..

Tp - Click here

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cross chest implants

  Cross Chest implants.. Comes with upright and inverted cross.

Hud to match your skin to them.. :) Male and female versions available.

Main location - Click here

Mp male version - Click here

Mp female version - Click here

Dont forget to check out all the other implants.. :)
  Hip cross implants coming soon..

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ask Isis Zamin -

So i posted my first video today :)
  Seemed it was liked by others.. Link to the video its parts 1 of three, to see the other 2 look in description.

So with the good feed back i had on those videos i figured i wanted to start something new..

    You ask me any question you want and every friday or whenever i can i will sit in video and answer them honestly and bluntly..

     Ask me what i think about drama or things in sl or stuff about my store or my own personal life.. Im super honest and open anyway.. There will be a few things i don't answer but thats to keep my family in private as they are not HUGE on telling the world who they are.. :)

You can write me a comment here or on my fb or a notecard or anything and ill keep them and once it is time to answer questions ill answer yours in the order i get them. :)  If you dont want me saying who asked me the question please say so or i will say your name in my chat..

So ask away..
<33 much love