Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50% off Sale Starts NOW- 11/20/12

Hey peoples, As all of you know right now is a hard time for everyone.. Including myself who needs help paying her negative balance on her bank account.. But im not asking for handouts i figured id give you all a sale.. 

So from now tell the end of November you will be able to get anything in the store 50% off.. Including full perm, new and already discounted items.. 

ANY Donations Given During this time frame i will repay you back with in store credit for the amount you donated.. Again im not trying to get Hand outs but i do need help so thats why this sale will hopefully benefit us both.. 

With xmas just around the corner you can buy early gift for people as well.. 

I hope you enjoy this sell and we can help one another out.. 
<3 much love
isis zamin

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