Thursday, May 30, 2013

New sammy tops out

New @ zombie suicide
Sammy tops- 2 versions..

Each version comes with 5 sizes, alpha layer and hud
Hud has 7 main textures
You can mix and match 7 textures and make diff Looks for this top.

Main store-

Mp - (links you to the demo, it will link you to the main items of your choice)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 new shapes @ zombie suicide

@ zombie suicide-
3 new shapes available..
2 female shapes and 1 male shape..

Main location -

Mp addys-
Katrina shape: TP

Kiersten shape: TP

James shape: TP

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

ATTN GUYS: New hoodie out for you

  I have put out a new hoodie for you!!!!
16 textures via hud to chose from. 5 sizes and alpha layer included.
Marketplace location-

Main location-


  Tarts dress.. My first Tango applier aside from my skin i have out.. Its a mesh dress. Comes in 8 colors (hud included) and yes tango applier for each color (also on hud) =D

Marketplace location -

Main store location-

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Black Market item is out :O

Black Market new round starts the 15th-
  New piercing is there for 100L and i have 3 more items located there for 40L
so check it out..



My discount sale is over but i had left it up since i have been otherwise busy.. I will be removing it all asap.. Those items will no longer be sold again..

In the main store i have items that are old or are not mesh be it clothing to accessories and such and even my Templates.. I am not getting rid of these items i am however just putting them on MP they will no longer be found in my Main store.. so if you come to the main location and cant find half my stuff check market place.. As i remove it i will put it on marketplace.. :)

Im making room for all my newer items that are coming in.. I think i will jump on the bandwagon and make some stuff for tango's but dont worry i wont be charging you for the clothing and then again for the tango applier.. It will come with it and wont bring up the price of the item.. :)

However im not a huge fan of mesh boobs so not everything i make will have an applier so make sure you read the ads carefully..

Also if there is something you want me to make be it mesh accessories to a tango applier to whatever let me know or maybe an add on to my mesh ears or new fleshy horns.. If i accept your suggestion and make it, you will get it free for helping me come up with something new.. :)

hope this notecard has been helpful..
isis zamin

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New summer fleshy horns

New Summer Horns are out -
12 horn textures to chose from
Skin hud to match your skin tone
blood area can be bloody or black.

Marketplace link -

Main location link-

New Round of Perfect Wardrobe

New round of perfect Wardrobe is about to start :O
  90L everyones items and this rounds theme is GOLD...
Gold seems to be a popular choice lately, So i belive you all will beable to find something awesome there.. My items is out now.. Make sure you check back for offical opening day to get to grab everyone elses stuff.. :D
  Officialy Starts - May 13th

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Post #5

Every once in a while i get a cute look together and i want to share it.. So here is i believe my 5th actual Blogger post.

Really fast wanted to go in a bit more detail on these horns. I just put them out in my store yesterday.. There is nothing like them on the grid yet that i know of.. U can match them to your own skin, there is 33 textures just for the horns alone, You can change the blood part to be black if you'd rather some are robots and such.  Overall they are really easy to use and alot of fun. I will be coming out with more versions of these to in the very NEAR future.. :D

Now on to the credits
Horns - Fleshy Horns - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Hair- BAB853 hair black - Boon (tp to main location)
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ears + accessories - Zombie suicide  (tp to main location)
Eyes - Frosted eyes White - Zombie Suicide (tp to main location)
Eye liner - Mesh eyeliner 1 - Action (tp to main location)
Makeup layer - Meta makeups (F) (Chin n shoulders)- +Nuuna+  (tp to main location)
Lashes - 2011 lashes/long - [LeLutka] (tp to main location)
Piercings - Nose and upper gum piercings - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Collar - Shimmer collar black n Silver - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Skin - Dark Side - Roza 01 - Glam Affair (tp to main location)
Shape - Hanna shape (modified) - Lust shapes (tp to main location)
Fingernails / Rings / hand horns - Infected hands - UtopiaH (tp to main location)
Tank dress - Palmistry tank black - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Boots - Eevie Boots [V2] - R3VOLT (tp to main location)

Hope you enjoy.. <333 Isis Zamin

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



UNISEX - Fleshy Horns
33 Horn textures to chose from, 2 main inner skin textures to chose from and a skin hud to match your skin tone to the flesh part..

Main location tp

Marketplace -

Friday, May 3, 2013

New shiz - 5/3/13

new masks are out.. WHAT

They come with a hud so each mask version has diff textures you can flip through..
    only 200L Each


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

15 new collars are out :O

New Collars for you all -

15 new collars for you to check out.. :O

Tp to Main location - Click here

New Tops - 5/1/13

So i forgot i made this shirt for the Black Market a round ago or so.. So im putting this top out in my store now.. However it comes in 5 colors to chose from or you can grab the fat pack..

110- singles
495- Fatpack
0- Demo

Click to TP to Main Location - CLICK HERE