Sunday, September 29, 2013

New unsightly top

@zombie suicide
New unsightly top- named after my manager who works so hard for me.. :D

This top comes with a hud preset 10 textures, 5 sizes, alpha layer..

u can get it at main store or mp..

Mp tp

Main location tp

@ Zombie suicide We now have our skins set up so they work with the Mesh Mouths from Molly Mouth.. The awesome thing about my appliers they are mix n match.. So say you have skin 3 but love the lips for skin 4 now you can have the lips from skin for to go with your skin 3.. I have 4 skins available and ill make more soon.. here is the pics to my skins i have up with appliers.. Yes the appliers are sold separately but for only 50L .. I will also be making lipstick appliers and lip gloss soon.. Also posted a pic here that i posted earlier showing what my skin looks like with the mesh lips..

Enjoy- Note my skins come in 5 skin tones to chose from. :)

TP to Main store

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Events Zombie Suicide Is in

Zombie Suicide @ perfect wardrobe - Starts today

 Perfect  Wardrobe :
    This rounds theme is numbers, i made a bow with the number 13 on it since friday the 13th was just here.. Comes with a hud to change the bow with fun diff textures and then comes with a hud to change the numbers to whatever color you want.. :)

Tp To Perfect wardrobe

Zombie suicide @ Lubbly Jubblies:

   Started the 15th.
I made a cute top with tango appliers for you as well as you can find two other items there that have tango appliers.. There is a variety of designers that made items for this event and im excited i got to take part in it..

Tp To Lubbly Jubblies

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Breeze Dress

New Dress out at Zombie suicide.. 
Breeze dress comes in 2 versions and each versions has 5 sizes and a hud with 10 textures. you can get them at main location or on mp.. 

Mp -

Main location -

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Stuffs 9/10/13

Furious Dress comes in 2 versions. Each version comes with a hud and multiple textures to flip through.. 5 sizes and alpha layer also included.. 

Aiden piercing. Comes with a hud and you can change the piercings options 3 diff ways..  100% mesh

Monday, September 2, 2013


Zombie Suicide Is having a sale, 50% off Everything untill Friday the 6th. It starts tomorrow the 3rd but Since its ready to go i figured id let those who are up Late/Early get in before i do the full announce tomorrow..  

Clothing, piercings, accessories, skins, makeup and much much more..