Saturday, March 29, 2014

New hip implants @ zombie suicide

@ Zombie Suicide Main Store -
   New Hip implants.. Cross - Comes in reg and inverted in the pack. Buy for male or female. Yes its mod so u can fit them to sit on ur phat ass, cute ass or whatever..

    There is Chest Cross implants already in the store these match with. There is many others in the main store as well to chose from..

They will be on mp later today -
Main location - CLICK HERE TO TP

Friday, March 21, 2014

New @ zombie suicide

NEW @ Zombie Suicide
  New Tangy Skirts.. 3 versions to chose from :D

Located @ main location and mp..

Mp- Click to tp

Main location- Click to tp

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Zombie Suicide @ bodify

Zombie suicide @ Bodify
      Bodify Started today :D
  I have 3 new piercings for Bodify <33
  My Hannah Piercings.. :)
  Head on over to bodify..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Witching Hour Gacha

The Witching Hour Gacha Is near.. Will Start midnight 12am slt.. Only couple hours away.. This event has not been advertised very much So please share this status.. :D

For my gacha i have Gacha brain rings.. They come in 5 commons for the hands and for the feet, And 3 rares for the feet and for the hands.
   Does work with slink hands and feet :)

This event will happen i believe once a month. hehe

This event is one day only.. D:   so u better go check it out When it opens. .. <3333
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Zombie Suicide @ luck of the Irish

Zombie Suicide @ Luck Of The Irish.. :D
  Started today at noon.. Sooooo Many awesome designs there.. Omg Get your pocket books ready.. <33

I Made these fun Bow for your hair.. has 5 Commons and 3 rares.. :D

Tp on over- or at least try they are packed right when it started.. :D
Click here to tp