Thursday, September 17, 2015

New @ Main store

New @ Zombie Suicide Main store - Soon On Mp!!!
New Sweater Dress - 8 colors and 2 versions of each color.
Hud included - 5 sizes - alpha included.

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Handfull of new items

Lets give you info about events going on..

There is two awesome events that just started that I (Zombie Suicide) am in. I made a few items for each event..

First Event Is saving Sight - This event means a lot to me as it is to gain awareness about Graves disease and help gain support for my Brother. All The money made in this event go to him funds to help him during these times. He may lose his eyesight and could you imagine what it would be like one day being able to see and the next not. On top of the eyesight issue he has heart issues and cancer and he needs our help. 100% goes to help him. If you do not want to buy anything stop over and pay the Kiosk and it will send the money to his funding accnt. He is an amazing man and greatest brother. I couldnt see my life without him and i hope you all can help make a diff.. SL HELPS THEIR OWN!!!

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1st Item -

2nd Item -

Second event is The Body Mod Expo - One of my fav events. I love all things body mod. RL i have tons of tattoos piercings and body mods.. :D This event i have made 3 items. ALL UNISEX 
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1st Item - 

2nd Item - 

3rd item -