Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Thats right more new items =) If you like leopard print then these new items are for you..
    Leopard print mini skirt- Rigged mesh- 5 sizes and 6 colors to chose from or get the fatpack.. This skirt is sexy and cute.. It can be warn with a variety of diff tops Or check out the next new thing IT MATCHES with it.. =)
Singles 50 L
FatPack 225 L

    LowCut Leopard Striped Top- Chose from 6 colors or buy the fatpack.. Comes in jacket layer shirt layer with pants layer... (if that makes sense lol).. Its a fun shirt and Deff Matches the new skirt mentioned above.. =)
Singles 25 L
FatPack 125 L

See you soon
Isis zamin

Monday, September 24, 2012

NEWNESS 9/24/12

 I joined the SYSP event this coming month (october).. I will have a skin in it for 99L.. Starts October 1st.. ill send out the Lm then but here is a preview of the skin..

Gypsy Long Skirt.. Comes in 8 blends for you to chose from.. You can also get the fatpack (you save more hehe).. 5 Sizes and alpha layer included..
75L singles
400 Fatpack

Also dont forget our game room is completly updated.. =)

See you soon.. =)
<3 isis zamin
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New @ zombie suicide 9/19/12

Hello sexies-
   I have been busy with some store changes and updating game room and making new items.. =) Yes new items.. But these new items are for men and women.. Not just cause they are unisex but cause im actually starting to get guy stuff out.. RIGHT AWESOME....

Lets get to it...
   Game room has been updated. Everything has been changed out.. So come and check out the game room... (fishing will soon be available as well)....

New items-
   bloody tears- They come in bloody and tintable version.. you can color them whatever color you want.. Pink, green, blue whatever.... =)
$50 L

Black Jeans With Boxers- UNISEX- Black jeans with 7 color boxers included.. They fit great on both male and female shapes...
$150 L

    Low cut Jeans- Just black in color.. very sexy and great priced...

    Leisure jackets with shirts.. Rigged Mesh- MEN ONLY-
Chose from grey or black Jackets.. Each has a fatpack or you can buy singles... both jacket options also come in 5 t-shirt colors and 5 sizes...
FP $300L
Singles $100L

   Guy Polo T-shirts- Prim collar and prim sleeve pieces.. Comes in 4 colors.. You can get fatpack or singles..
FP $150 L
Singles $50L

Hope to see you all soon..
<3 much love
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Sunday, September 2, 2012

No longer hiring for a manger position

We are no longer accepting applications for manager position we have now picked who will be  helping out around the store.. =)

we have 3 managers at my main location for you all to contact if im not online and you need help..

Unsightly resident-
Impiety resident-
tosebari serpente-

Please welcome them into the family.. and they are awesome people so dont hesitate to bug them.. =)