Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perfect Wardrobe April 1st Item~

OK OK - Perfect Wardrobe Item is now up and ready for you guys.. U can come and grab my item for just 90L along with many other awesome designers..  Starts april 1st. Theme: Spring.. :D

Tp to Perfect Wardrobe

Thursday, March 28, 2013

NEW Shiz @ zombie suicide 3/28/13


Two new Shapes are out =D
250L Each

Candy corsets - 8 color combo's and comes in 5 sizes and an alpha layer included.. 
100L per single 
650L Fatpack

2 diff sets of plugs are out- These are to go with the Mesh Gauged Ears out in the store.. If you dont have a pair yet you need to get them.. Try out the demo.. =) The leopard plugs are 100L and the zombie girl is 50L

Friday, March 15, 2013

New Stuffs 3/15/13

The palmistry Tank is new for the - The black market.. Located at link below.. $100 L they get alpha layer and 5 sizes..
Tp to black market - Click here 


New items located in main location.. - Click here to Tp

Lip color add-on set 1
6 colors all tattoo layer..
$75 L

Facial freckles skin add- on
3 versions - for light and dark skin.
$50 L

Eyeshadow add-on set 1
5 colors all tattoo layer
$75 L

Poison shape
Shape, Styling card, Brow shape included.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Zombie Suicide Logo Contest

I am in need of a new logo and im not that great in making my own.. So i wanted to hold a contest.. If you are interested in joining in follow the link.. It is just inside the main entrance of my store.. =D

Click here to TP

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Whore couture / Arcade Gacha / random stores Blog

This is my 4th Blog- I have had this picture done for a few days now but i had gotten my new computer and been trying to work on that.. But figured id take a little time and post the pic and whose items im wearing.. Also a little side note for everyone who Shops at AlterEgo Or any store for that matter.. Sorry if this offends any of you..

1. IF you didn't receive an item then Tell the store owner in a notecard or Im. How the hell are we as store owners suppose to know you didn't get an item if you don't Tell us.. I mean really.. I have it happen all the time where finally they get mad at me cause i didn't deliver it.. WTF course i didn't i had no idea i needed to.. ALSO i keep seeing other store owners going through same thing.. Come on Get your shit together people.. We are only human.. Some of you may think we are super human for some reason but we are not.. So deal with it and help us out..

2. Stop telling us what we should and shouldn't do with our stores.. We have them set up how we like them.. If you don't like it then move on.. Do not shop at our stores.. If we ask your opinion then please tell us but tell we ask THEN SHUT IT!!!

3. Stop asking us a million and one questions.. First if you have a question about an item you bought make sure to check to see if it came with a notecard before you hassle us for info that we already gave you.. If you are unsure why you cant get to our store maybe do yourself a favor and check past notices or Fb or Flickr or anything else we have posted on before you hassle us.. It will only get you banned from coming around any further.. And if you don't care GREAT but im sure you do or you wouldn't be hassling us store owners so much..

4. Stop Asking us for Free shit..

5. If there is a demo TRY IT, don't buy something and then say oh it doesn't fit how i thought it would i want a refund.. TOUGH TITTY.. 99% of the time u can mod it and if not there is a demo to try it.. Its your issue not ours..

6. Do not tell me what i should of done instead to something i made.. U are always welcome to give suggestions to a new outfit or item but if we put it out the way we liked it then leave it be. Do not buy it if you don't like how we are selling it..

7. If something is missing when you get your item, Send us a proper notecard with the details and we will get it back to u asap..

8. STOP BEING SO FREAKING LAZY.. We don't have time to explain to you or help you size your shit.. lol.. Take 5 min and at least attempt it.. Ive had so many people buy something and not even a couple min later you guys are saying it wont fit and you cant get it to.. Umm seriously if we can take the time to make it then you can take the time to fit it to your avi.. Like piercings.. If you don't do well with fitting things.. Maybe you shouldnt be buying stuff that needs to be fitted to your shape.

There is a lot more i want to say and im sure i came off rude.. I am probably one of the nicest people you will come across.. But i get burnt out on the same stuff every day.. And i have friends who are store owners who go through the same thing to.. I mean really come on people.. We can only take so much before we decide to say FU and ignore you.. Do not ruen it for you or others.. Do things correctly and helps us out so we can help you out properly.

Blog #4

Skin- Pink Fuel- Located at Arcade Gacha event - Click here to Tp
Hair- Truth Hair- Located at Arcade Gacha event - Click here to Tp
Ears/Bow- By Pididdle- Located at Arcade Gacha event - Click here to Tp
Shape- My own
Eyes- {D.A} Anime Eyes - Wild - Located at Arcade Gacha Event - Click here to Tp
Bracelet- Bitch bracelet by Fanatik - Located at the arcade gacha event - Click here to Tp
Collar- By dirty land - dl: SS. Collar - black - Dirtyland Click here to Tp
Corset top- by Scrub - Located at Whore couture Fair - Click here to Tp
Nails- Forever young nails - located at Luck for the Irish Gacha - Click here to Tp

Friday, March 1, 2013

Whore couture and Luck of the irish gacha events

We have two events that i snagged items from =D
  Luck of the Irish Gacha event and Whore couture fair..

Tp to Grab some gacha's - Click here
To to Whore couture fair - Click here

First off i want to say i go the idea on how i did this picture from - Zombiebee on flickr - Click to see her photo =) I am not one to EVER copy so in doing so i wanted to give credit where its due.. I love how this came out..

Goggles- *Epic*- Grab these at the luck of irish gacha (Tp listed above photo)

Shape- My own

Hair- "HAIR" !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) - Grayscale Pack- Tp to !lamb click here

Skin- **SHINE** Bimba SkinPack/ Pale - Grab this skin at Whore couture fair (tp listed above photo)

Face Scar- Halfway_round_scar- Click here to grab it on market place

Ears- Mesh gauged ears and add-ons- Click to tp to zombie suicide

Popcycle- [PL] Sloppy Pop - GreenApple- Grab these at the luck of irish gacha (Tp listed above photo)

Top/Skirt/Leg piercings- Alterego - Grab these at Whore couture fair (tp listed above photo)

Nails- :FY: Zig My Zag Nails - Grab these at the luck of irish gacha (Tp listed above photo)

Heals- AngelRED - Mesh Jace Spiked Pumps [BLACK]- Grab these at Whore couture fair (tp listed above photo)