Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Shiz july 31st 2012

Hey lovies.. hope  you are all having a great tuesday..

Some info about the store- I am going to start adding Singles to my Fatpacks.. so you have more options to buy just what you want in my store.. In doing so tho my Fatpacks are going up in price.. that way i can do singles for you guys.. If you want to grab any fatpacks before the prices go up i suggest doing so now.. =) In the end it will work out alot better for you guys..

Dont forget to fill out my survey.. =) copy the link below and put it in your web browswer, it will take you to the survey..  Click here to Do survey!!

Vanity fair is going on right now.. i has two awesome items up for it.. skin shape combo with styling card and eyebrow shape and prim lashes.. also have vanity lipstick they go great with the vanity skin i have up but will work with most skins.. make sure to come check out this event.. alot of awesome designers are there..
Click here for a tp!!


Lose fit skull tube top- U can get the fatpack or singles.. Comes in 6 colors and 5 sizes.. this is rigged mesh...
Fatpack 250$
singles 75$ each

Click here to teleport to main location

Monday, July 30, 2012

Vanity fair has started- also new survey

Hey i hope you take time to read this i have some event info for you, you dont want to miss pluss a quick survey i need you all to take to help me out.. =)

Click here to go to survey

Vanity fair has arrived, actually started on Saturday but im a little slow to announce it.. Ive made two items for this event that wont be sold in my store untill the event is over..
Vanity event is a full sim of awesome designers that have made some exclusive items for this event on top of nice sales and so on.. for my exclusive event items i made..

This comes with a skin, shape, prim lashes, styling card and brow shape.. U can most deff try the demo before you buy... =)

these lips come in 3 diff colors.. they are fun colors that work well on most skins but were made to work on the vanity skin i made for this event.. =)

I have not listed my prices on here so that way you guys will take a chance and come on down to the event and see for yourself.. =) Click here to teleport to the vanity fair

Monday, July 23, 2012

New july 23 2012

yep thats right more new items.. and more to come lol.. =)

Lucky chairs are going on at our main location dont miss out on the game room we have 14 lucky boards and an mm board, campers, guess n win, and much more dont miss out on it.. pluss two hunts going on right now to get even more free stuff. 

Dont forget our sale ends soon.. 30% off everything right now even new items.. =)

Butterfly bulb lights-
Comes with two versions, Blue and Red.. These are copy/mod for you to fit however you want.. =) they are cute and fun.. $100L

Old crows tree-
This tree comes with and without crows, also comes with a copy/mod crow you can add anywhere you want.. This is a great and creepy tree for your swampy and eerie lands.. $150 L

See you all soon
<3 isis zamin

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New items - july 22 2012

hey lovies.. 
   We are having a 30% off sale on all our items even our new items listed below are 30% off.. The prices below arnt the price after the sale its the original price.. But they are still in the sale.. Everything is on sale.. =) even my discount room.. yay come see.. 

New items @ zombie suicide.. 

Im on my way to making more items but thought id get these out first.. =)

These Bewb tops are sexy and fun.. 3 diff types
Each comes with 5 colors and 3 sizes.. You can always try the demo out first.. =)
$150L each.... 

Black ripped leggings-
comes in 7 colors and then a plain one where u can see your legs behind the rips.. =) so you get 8 all together..

See you soon
isis zamin

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New July 5th 2012

Hope you all had a great 4th, i know i did.. Got to see my brother i havnt seen in 9 years and his kids.. and watched awesome fireworks with my kids and hubby.. was nice.. 

Anyway here is new shiz.. 

Jeweled blindfold- Changes texture to touch, has 8 textures to chose from, the jewels have 14 colors to chose from.. =) 

Right bloody shoulder dermals.. this was a horror haute item, the event has ended so now i have it up for sale... Note: does move some if you have an ao that is very active..


Im in the forget me not hunt.. search for a light bulb in my store.. here is my item i have out..