Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New @ zombie suicide - Tentacle ear wraps

Tentacle ear wraps.. Comes in 8 colors.. And notecard with ear shape so you can fit to your ears better..  

This will be on mp soon.. 

located at Main location -Tp click here

Friday, February 21, 2014


Zombie Suicide Sale starts now - Because of the massive delay it was supposed to be an hour sale starting at 4 but since that didn't happen ill keep the sale going on from 7 pm slt - 9 slt, 2 hours for you all.. 35% off all items in my main store including new items.

.. GOGOGO ..


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New @ my Main location

NEW @ Zombie Suicide !!!!
   Tentacle Tail + Bow :D

The bow comes with 23 textures to play with and the tentacles come with 10 mix and match colors.

You Can get This at my main store or on mp..

Main location -TP NOW


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Zombie Suicide @ Lubbly Jubblies

Also Started today - Lubbly Jubblies
  Zombie Suicide is at this round -

Made some tittie condoms for you love birds over valentine's weekend.. :D

Go Be Safe and get your condoms.. hehe
Tp now

Zombie Suicide @ Bodify

Zombie Suicide @ Bodify..
  Bee-Bon Rings for the hands and feet.. They fit Slink Casual hands and Mid slink feet.. However they are mod so u can fit them to whatever u want.. :D  There is tons of colors and 3 ways to change them, So endless ways to play with them.. :D

Bee-Bon Stands for rubber bands, When me and my rl sister were little we use to call them that so it stuck as i got older and when i was told they look like lil rubber bands it was like :o  And figured the name haha.. anyway..

Tp There Now

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Suicide Dollz - new round Starts Now

Zombie Suicide @ Suicide Dollz..
   Suicide Dollz Event has opened up.. TODA?Y!!!  So many awesome items from so many diff designers..

I have made a collar for you all.. 4 diff versions to buy :D
I had lots of great feed back on my teaser i posted here not long ago so i hope u guys will enjoy..

GO GO GO And get them.. :D

Tp click here

Friday, February 7, 2014

Thrift shop 4 open now

Zombie Suicide @ thrift shop 4..
  Open Now.. :D

I have 3 items for it.. choker, Bracelet and a gacha.. Dont miss all the awesome goodies.. Also all the items in my booth are marked off even the new items until event is over.. :D


Final fantasy festival

Zombie suicide @ Final Fantasy festival.. Now Open.. All things fantasy is there.. So much awesomeness.. :D

My Tentacle earrings u can get there.. GO GO GO.. Open Now!!!!

To there

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Men only gacha

Men only Gacha started today - :D
  zombie suicide has made a great beanie with two rares and 5 regs.. Make sure to stop in and check out all the awesome items..

Click to tp

Jack Or Jill hunt

Zombie Suicide @ Jack or Jill hunt Will start soon.. :D  I am number 10 on the list.. And i am on the jill side.. Here is my jill item.. However make sure you start at the begining so here is the tp to the start of the hunt..

Good luck and happy hunting..  Click here to start