Piercing Fitting

Thanks for making your choice with Zombie Suicide..

Fitting Information

Before asking me for help or to do a fitting for you try to follow these instructions on modifying the piercing yourself.. Make sure to take your time and not get frustrated...

1.  ALWAYS MAKE A COPY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING!  My piercings are copiable, so there is no excuse to "break" your set.  However, if something happens and you forgot to make a copy and you mess up your piercing, please send me a notecard, and I will send you a replacement.
2.  In the advanced menu, click disable camera constraints.  This will allow you to zoom in closer and also see inside the head to grab things.
3.  In your edit menu, click to edit linked.  This can be found under Select Face.  This will allow you to select parts of the piercing individually so you can get that perfect fit.
4.  My piercings use shadow prims behind each prim.  When selecting individual parts, be sure to grab the shadow prims as well, or it will end up not looking right.
5.  Be patient.  Even when you are a talented builder or editer, piercings can be hard to edit.  This is because the parts are so small, and face shapes vary greatly.  Be patient, and eventually you will get it right!

IF you still cant get it how youd like to fit and need my help I would love to help you fit your piercing to your face.. But a few things you must know first before you ask me to help you..

1. I dont have alot of time to beable to help you, while i help you it takes time away from me making new items i can sell.. So for this reason i will charge a Fee of $100 Up Front to fit your piercing..
2. To send a request to me to get the piercing fitted you will need to Copy this info below into a notecard and send it to me isis zamin..

Piercing Name- 
Date purchase-

Face Numbers:

Head Size-
Head Stretch-
Head Shape-
Egg Head-
Head Length-
Forehead Angle-
Brow Size-
Upper Cheeks-
Lower Cheeks-
Cheek Bones-

Nose Size-
Nose Width-
Nostril Width-
Nostril Division-
Nose Thickness-
Upper Bridge-
Lower Bridge-
Bridge Width-
Nose Tip Angle-
Nose Tip Shape-

Lip Width-
Lip Fullness-
Lip Thickness-
Lip Ratio-
Mouth Position-
Mouth Corner-
Lip Cleft Depth-
Lip Cleft-

Chin Angle-
Jaw Shape-
Chin Depth-
Jaw Angle-
Jaw Jut-
Upper Chin Cleft-

End copy-

3. Please send me isis zamin the note card once you have it filled out, Make sure you have it saved before sending..
4. I will send you a responding notecard telling you when ill beable to do the fitting..
5. I will Not start on the Piercing Fitting Untill U have paid me the $100, And there is no refunds.
6. Once you pay me and the piercing is done i will send you the new folder with the new piercing now fitted to your face...

I hope this is understandable,
any questions please send them to
isis zamin...