Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Crow Skull ring

Crow Skull Ring


Main location -

Monday, August 19, 2013

Semi Exclusive @ zombie suicide

  Semi Exclusive Vox wedge Boots. Black Leopard..
They come in 3 sizes.. 25 will only ever be sold. Once they are sold out then they are gone and will no longer be sold again..

Located at entrance of clothing area..
Dont miss this!!!


Zombie suicide @ Perfect Wardrobe

Perfect wardrobe-
  Zombie suicide is in this rounds theme.. Urban.. I wasn't sure what to make so i came up with these pants.. The belt has 4 textures to flip through and the pants have 6.  5 sizes and alpha layer included. Hud to change through the options. :D

Tp To perfect wardrobe

Friday, August 16, 2013

New piercing

New Piercing out -
  Change the gems using hud..  Easy to modify as it is mesh, turn on and off the shadows.

Main location -
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Mp -
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The black market

Zombie suicide @ Black Market
  Last round before it closes, So i made these cute hair bows.. U can change the bow texture from 8 diff choices and the eye color from 8 diff colors.

  Do not miss out, there is a ton of goodies..
New items are 100L
then we have older items out for 40L


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Star WristBand

NEW @ zombie Suicide
  Star WristBands :D
Attaches to both wrists, hud with 12 star textures, resize scripted..

Main location -

Mp -

New Draped Bandanna Tops

New Top @ zombie Suicide
  Draped Bandanna tops. You can get them on mp or my main store. 2 Versions. Each version comes with 5 sizes, alpha layer and 12 textures via hud.. :D

Demo -
Click here

V1 -
Click here

V2 -
Click here

Main Location slurl -
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Zombie suicide is at thrift shop #2 Starts today


Starts 9th and ends 30th..

Ive put out a handful of older items marked at 50% off.. ALSO

Ive made two new items just for this event..

Skin- Thrift shop skin (i know real unique name lol)
U will only be able to buy it during the event once the event is over u will not be able to get it any other time.. $199L per skin Tone and u can chose between 5 tones or get a fatpack.. They have tons of options included with each skin tone..

Sugar gacha piercing.. 35L to try. u can win 8 reg and 3 rares. They are transfer so you can share and trade them.. Im super excited about this piercing set cause ive had it made for a long while now and kept it a secret best i could lol..

So make sure u get there on the 9th
Tp to Thrift Shop 2

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


New Mesh Thongs.. :O
 Comes in two versions.. Each version has a hud with 12 textures you can flip through. 5 Sizes.. U can grab a demo before you buy..

Main Location -

Demo's -

V1 -

V2 -

New Piercing

  New Piercing located at main location or mp.
Comes with a hud to change through the gem stone colors or turn on and off the shadows. :D

SLURL- Click here to Tp

MP- Click here to tp