Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New mix n match- events and info 10/23/12

Hey lovies-
  So i have a few new mix and match sets out and then some info for you all.. Hope you read it all =) I will probably put out more new items later today as well so keep watching.. ^..^
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Mix n Match- (where i take items already pre made in my store and mix n match them into outfits, they tend to be 25% less then if you bought each item separate to make the outfit)

 Mix n Match v6-
 Included: Pink long skull rigged mesh skirt with alpha layer and 5 sizes, Chillen top pink, October Skin (tan tone only), Lashes, Brow shape, Kelly piercing..  $550

Mix n Match v7-
Included: Wife beater top black, Low cut black jeans, Upper gum piercing with alpha layer to show teeth, Believe tattoo.. $175

Mix n Match V8-
Included: Upside down Cross piercing n Tattoo, Gas mask with breathing sound and smoke, Mesh scripted eyes with 6 textures and you can make each eye diff or same, Busted dress Purple. $265

Event info:

Boo Bunny Hunt- Look for a piece of candy in my store- I have out just a flesh wound.. @ my main store location.

Horror haute is about to start- 10/25/12.. This round its day of the dead or bloody gore stuff to put out and i chose to do a day of the dead face paint.. It is just for fun and will cost only 50$ L... Tattoo layer only.. this will be located at main store..

Again to tp to main location Use this link here!!

The black market i have an exclusive item there tell this round is over for 100$L

Dont forget the SYSP, it is where people put skins together and sell them for 99L, Each month there is a new round of skins added.. This month i have a skin out for 99L,

We have our haunted house going on right now that sae luan put a ton of work into- So make sure to tell her how much you enjoy the haunted house if you havnt yet..
Also while at the haunted house there is a scavenger hunt going on.. U figure out the story and win prizes.. =)

Halloween special - this is where 4 stores have come together and put some halloween items up for a great cost.. Not all items will be sold after this month so make sure to grab your items today..

Dirty turkey 3.0 a grid wide hunt starts Nov 1-30th
Picture coming soon for this item.. =)

Im sure im missing something lol

Sunday, October 21, 2012

This post is for everyone - Other Stores I feel you all Should Check out!!!

So i have a list of stores i shop at or friends of mine own. I figured maybe you guys havnt heard of them before or forgot about them or needed a reminder hehe..  If you cant find them by the LM incase they moved looked up the names of the stores in search.. I will also add their main creators names next to the store name..

SAKIDE- Clothing - Kinu Mayako
Click here for TP

Cute poison- Piercings, clothing, jewlery - Sae luan
Click here for TP

JawBreaker - Nothing over 100L- Britta okina
Click here for TP

Psychotic neko- Neko Items and clothing - Obyri Nightfire
Click here for TP

Sick- Delia enyo
Her store is under construction
Click here for  TP

Blue Blood- Gothic needs - Ghanima Uriza
Click here for TP

GOOD HAIR STORES- (some carry more then hair tho)

Ploom- Helyanwe Vindaloo
Click here for TP

Truth- Truth Hawks
Click here for TP

Lelutka- Thora Charron
Click here for TP

Burley- bella earst
Click here for TP

Dura- chiaki xue
Click here for TP

99 Elephants- emelie carter
Click here for TP

Wasabi Pill- MissAllSunday Lemon
Click here for TP

Lamb!- Lamb Bellic
Click here for TP

Exile-Kavar Cleanslate
Click here for TP

Magika- Sabina Gully
Click here for TP

Raw- Jay Khaos
Click here for TP

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello boys and gals.. We have a treat for you.. Every Halloween People sit around and tell scary stories.. Some are true and some are there to scare you..

We have a scary story for you - After you read the story and judge for yourself if its true or not.. Grab the lm below to get your hud and flashlight because you will need them to help solve this gruesome story.

But before you run off looking for the answer make sure to read the story-

The Haunting at Cute Poison - The Legend

Long ago, a husband and wife lived in the house that lies before you.  The couple were very much in love, and their lives were perfect.. until one terrible night.

As the wife was descending the staircase late one night, she lost her footing and began to fall.  Early the next morning, her husband found her at the foot of the stairs.  She was unconscious, but still alive, so he rushed her to the nearest doctor.

Upon awakening, the woman was confused, and did not know who she was or who her husband was.  After a few weeks of observation, the doctors would release her back to her husband's care, telling him that as time went on, she would begin to regain her memories.

The husband took his wife home, hoping for the best.  The woman did not say anything, she simply kept her eyes on her hands in her lap.  As the day turned to night, and nights turned to days, the wife still did not improve.  The husband was understandably upset, and wanted so badly to save his marriage, but he could not figure out what to do.

Late one night, the woman became increasingly unstable.  She had begun talking to the walls and floors, and staring at things that apparently only she could see.  Upon realizing this, the husband knew he had no choice but to take her back to the doctors and demand treatment for his wife's condition.  As the man shut his eyes that night to go to sleep, he never knew it would be his last night alive.

The man's co-workers wondered where the man was when he didn't come to work the next day, however, when he missed two days of work, they were concerned that he may have fallen badly ill, and knowing of his wife's condition, two men made their way to the couple's home that evening to check on their friend.

When the men came upon the front door of the house, they were confused to find it was slightly ajar.  They quietly pushed the door open and stepped inside.  The first thing they saw was blood.. blood was everywhere.  Frightened for their friend, they began to frantically search through the house for him.  As they entered the upstairs room of the home, they were shocked to find the wife of their friend sitting in the middle of the room soaked in blood, and rocking herself back and forth, muttering something very quietly.

As they called out to her, they quickly realized something was amiss.  The woman was not hurt... the blood was not hers.  They again called to the woman, at which point, her eyes raised to them.  Slowly, the words formed at her lips..

"He was a stranger.. I couldn't let him take me."

The surprised men asked her where her husband was, still not understanding.. Her chilling reply came quick -

"I saved only the skin, the bones, I silently hid."

Legend has it, if you look hard enough, you can find the scattered bones of the man all over the land of Cute Poison.  It is said that the lady of the house still haunts the walls of this place, cursing any who enter.  Of course, the story is something of a Halloween tale, told to scare people around that time of the month.

You be the judge.  If you believe this tale, take a flashlight, take a HUD, and start your search.  Find the old man's bones, and surely you will be rewarded.  You will find your first bone in the mausoleum.

Good Luck!
Take the lm below to get started.. Hud and flashlight are located on the stairs to my main store =)
Click here to get your hud

If you finish the scavenger hunt you will be rewarded =).....

isis zamin

    (if you enjoy this please tell sae luan, she did all the work for this.. =) )

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well Hello there peoples of the zombie world.. Hehe..
   I hope you guys are doing great.. Ive got some new stuff for you as well as new exclusive items for hunts and events.. So make sure to read notecard for info.. =D

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  Dominance Piercing- 11 pre set textures- open mouth alpha included. Copy/Mod.


Punky Guy Tops- 5 colors to chose from or grab the fat pack which is 25% off.. (always grab a demo first).. 5 Sizes included with alpha layer.. Copy only..
Singles 75L Each
Fatpack 280L

  Punky Hooded Dress- 6 colors to chose from or grab the fatpack which is 25% off.. (always grab a demo first).. 5 sizes included with alpha layer.. Copy only.
Singles 100L Each
Fatpack 400L

  B!BBH Hunt Has started a couple days ago ive made an exclusive item-
Just a flesh wound - Tattoo layer only- Face tattoo..
FREE- Look for the Piece of candy in the store..


The Black Market event-
Exlusive item- Belted Vintage Corsets- Fatpack only in 5 colors and few layers.
$100L only
Click here to tp to the black market event!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

NEW PIERCINGS - 10/13/12

Alright lets get right to it -

   Upper Gum Piercing-
This piercing comes with a lip alpha layer and gum piercing.. The piercing comes with 11 pre set textures..
$50 L

   Adrenalin piercing- This full facial piercing is amazing- comes with and without shadow texture and 11 pre set colors to play with.. =)
$110 L
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New sweaters- 10/13/12

<3 Hello loves -
  This notecard has a couple reminders listed and new items listed..

  Plaid sweaters- rigged mesh- 4 colors to chose from or grab the fat pack.. each color comes with 5 sizes and an alpha layer..
Singles - 75 L
Fatpack - 225 L

  Open sweaters- rigged mesh - 5 colors to chose from or grab the fat pack.. Each color comes with 5 sizes and an alpha layer..
Singles - 75 L
Fatpack - 280 L

Click here to tp to main location-

SYSP - Project is going on right now - i have a skin for 99L located there.. There is some amazing skins there for men and women.. If i was you id make sure to come check it out..
Click here to tp 

Haunted house- Sae luan my partner in crime spent a long time setting this up and spending her money to make it fun for you all so i suggest you all go check it out.. Make sure to look all around and if you really enjoy it and would like to give a donation there is a skeleton working for us at landing willing to take some change.. =)
Click here to tp

Halloween shopping?? we have a store put together by 4 of our designers from our sim.. We have put this store together for this month.. It has halloween clothing, some decorations, accessories.. and we will be adding to it over the month so keep checking back..
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Stuffs - 10/10/12

More newness-
  Simple lip gloss- Many people like a little gloss on their lips but not a ton so here is an option to add that to any of your skins.. =) Tattoo layer only- copy only-

   Baggy sweat pants- Rigged mesh - Chose from 8 colors or buy the fatpack.. 4 sizes.. Comes with mesh rigged tie and alpha layer as well..
Singles- 80L
Fatpack- 400

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NEW DEMON EYES - 10/9/12


    Copy/Mod- Scripted with 6 colors.. You can switch through them and have each eye diff or they can both be the same.. =) $100 L

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Haunted House addition

come check out our haunted area.. Sae luan my bestfriend in the world hehe.. had designed this area for you.. So dont miss out..

Here are some pictures..
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tell you about the awesomeness we are bringing you for the month of October and for Halloween.. ^..^

New item for my store - Believe neck tattoo.. Comes in many layers.. and only 30L
Click here to tp t my store - 

Now for the Awesomeness....
  To start off we have a church dedicated to halloween items and october themed items.. This area will be added to over the month so you must keep checking back.. Right now we have some really awesome items you dont want to miss.. Some you will not beable to buy after the month is over.. and marked down to amazing prices.. <3
Click here for tp to Halloween special items- 

    After you stop over at the church for hallo ween special madness take a trip to our haunted house area.. This area is amazing and done by sae luan.. She has put so much time in effort into this that you dont want to miss it.. Read the notecard given when you get there to help you change your lighting and settings to get the best affect..
(will be adding pictures to blog soon)
Click here for a tp 

  On the 15th we will be having a scavenger hunt as well so make sure to keep informed about it all.. and keep returning to see whats new that has been added.. ^..^

isis zamin

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Items - 10/3/12

Some fun stuff for you today-
  dont forget that i have a skin up at SYSP for 99L and many other stores have put some awesome skins there to..
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   October Gauges- 10 versions to play with.. you can make each ear diff picture.. Comes with a hud to change the skin tone to match your own skin.. It doesnt come with a prim ear just sits at the bottom of your own ear..
$110 L

   Inverted Bloody cross chest piercing!!- pre scripted with 11 color textures to pick from and tattoo layer for blood markings.. comes with and without the shadows..

    Happy face stitches- i havnt done one of these in a while and felt is was more then time.. Tattoo layer only..

isis zamin
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Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Newness

Hey lovies,
  i got some new stuff to show you just put out and also have some info for you to read that you WONT want to miss out on... =)

SYSP- Skin project is going on and just started today.. I have a skin out for it.. All skins at the event are 99L.. you cant go wrong.. Many many skins for you to chose from..
Click here to teleport to SYSP.. 

This october we are having a Halloween sales area, New items for halloween and priced even cheaper then what youd find in our stores will be placed in a location on the sim.. 4 of our stores will be sponsoring this.. Zombie suicide (me), cute poison, blue blood and psychotic neko.. We will all be placing items in this area all October long so keep an eye out for the LM cause you wont want to miss this..

ALSO- we will be having a haunted house on the sim- currently in production so i will let you know when its ready as well.. =)

Long skull Skirt- Rigged mesh.. Comes in 6 colors, 5 sizes and alpha layer.. You can snag the Ft or buy the singles.. =)
300 Fp
75 singles

October skin - Comes with cleavage options, Brow with and without options, Brow shape options, prim lashes and 4 skin tones to chose from or grab the fatpack.. =)
Skin tones - 499
Fatpack - 1200

Vanity skin n Shape- Comes only with a Tan skin tone, Comes with vanity shape, Prim lashes, brow shape, styling card as well. As well has cleavage options and eye brow with and without options..
$300 L for this package

Vanity Lips- Comes with 3 lip sticks/ Overlays for your own lips.. Tattoo layer only and copy only

See you soon lovies..
<3 isis zamin
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