Friday, November 23, 2012

Forgotten Closet Item -

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My forgotten closet item.. This theme is Sat morning cartoons.. ^..^ i made a tv that flips through 5 cartoon photos plus included a pose to sit on floor to watch your fav cartoons.. ^..^

Second forgotten closet item- sat morning cartoons tv necklace.. also flips through 5 cartoon images.. attaches to chest.. $75L

NEW SHIZ 11/23/12

NEW ITEMS- (all new items are 50% off listed price tell end of november)

NEW - Jean Booty shorts- comes in 3 colors- pants and underpants layers..
Copy only.. $100L

Prefab store build #1-
copy/Mod.. 65 prims, size 43 X 62..
To see a demo or more pics just contact isis zamin (me =P)

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Dripping wall Cross - 11/22/12

NEW - Dripping Wall Cross- Comes in 6 colors to pick from or grab the Fatpack.. They are partial mesh and prims.. Copy/Mod you can resize then and make as many copy's as you want hehe.. NORMALLY they will be sold for 150L singles and 675L for fatpack but since my 50% off sale is going on right now they will be on sale through november.. you can see an example up next to the vendor.
Singles - sale price $75L
fatpack- sale price $338L
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50% off Sale Starts NOW- 11/20/12

Hey peoples, As all of you know right now is a hard time for everyone.. Including myself who needs help paying her negative balance on her bank account.. But im not asking for handouts i figured id give you all a sale.. 

So from now tell the end of November you will be able to get anything in the store 50% off.. Including full perm, new and already discounted items.. 

ANY Donations Given During this time frame i will repay you back with in store credit for the amount you donated.. Again im not trying to get Hand outs but i do need help so thats why this sale will hopefully benefit us both.. 

With xmas just around the corner you can buy early gift for people as well.. 

I hope you enjoy this sell and we can help one another out.. 
<3 much love
isis zamin

Friday, November 16, 2012

Black market Item

My black market item.. $100 L
  3 other items are in the store as well that are on sale for 40L... Grab your tp..
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ATTN: Store Owners

Here at the Cute Poison sim, home to both Zombie Suicide and Cute Poison, we have rentals opening up!

We have room for one large mainstore location or two smaller mainstore locations.  The space will be opening up within the next few days/week, so if you're interested, be sure to speak up quickly.

Please note, we are only looking for someone who wants to move in their mainstore location.  We are looking for someone who is looking for a long term rental and won't leave the sim without notice.  ..Someone who understands the value of running a store and realizes that as a mainstore location, you are responsible for your own traffic.  All advertising of your store is up to you.  We will share traffic between all the mainstores here, but we do not rely on each other to do our work for us.

We are also looking for someone that has a good quality product.  We pride ourselves on our work, and we expect the same from neighboring stores on our sim.  We will be checking out your store to make sure we feel you'd be a good fit.  Another thing to note - even though we won't force you to have a certain prefab on the sim, we expect you to maintain the overall feel of the sim with the outside of your store.  The inside of your store is completely up to you.

Also, please be aware that we run a few events a year that we require you to partake in as a store on this sim.  This is one of the many ways we stir up a buzz for the sim through the year, and it's only fair that everyone participate since we all gain exposure.

Our pricing is very low and fair.  Please contact either Sae Luan or Isis Zamin for more information and pricing.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to being neighbors!
<3 Isis and Sae

Monday, November 12, 2012


Well Quick few notes..
  This is my first round of forgotten closet events.. and for this round is very awesome cause its COD/Military Themed.. I have up two items at their location Dedicated to this theme.. You cant get them anywhere else untill the next theme starts then i will put them in my store..

I want to give a shout out to all our military and military families and say thank you for all you have done.. It hasnt gone un noticed.. My hubby served 3 tours in iraq in only 4 years.. It is not an easy thing to go through..

Anyway on to the new shiz for this event..

  this war paint comes in 3 versions and is UNISEX as you can tell in the pic.. It as well gives you a cut on the lip and makes your face just a smidge dirty.. 

The rings and nails are seperate.. The rings come in size 10 and 20.. They are all copy/Mod to help you fit them better if you need.. The rings have a nice amount of amo on them and the nails are black n tipped with a army green.. 

Friday, November 9, 2012


I gots some new stuff i just put out that you will want to check out.. =)

   Also if you havnt yet add me to your flickr =)
Flickr Click here

ON to the new stuff-
    Splash Boots-  So i made some awesome fun looking boots with a SPLASH (hence the name) of fun bright colors.. there is 8 colors to chose from or snag the fat pack which is 25% off is you get them all.. Make sure to try the demo!!
Single colors - 150$
Fatpack- 800$

     New full perm mesh cargo boxes-
Comes in two versions single box 1 prim or land impact or get 2 boxes together also 1 prim of land impact.. Comes with the mesh, uv maps and baked textures..

      Deception ear piercings-
These do not have a prim ear just the earings.. 11 pre set colors.. attaches to right and left ears.. Comes with ear sizes to help you fit it better.. they are mod/copy

       Cheek dimples with piercing V2- So this is the second set i have out they are in the same placement as the first version just new updated textures.. The old ones are 75L
These new ones are 100$

See you soon
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Monday, November 5, 2012

NEW 11/5/12

I must say i have the most greatest bestfriend in the world.. im lucky to have her in my RL and my Sl.. Sae luan is an amazing person and my life has never been so complete tell she came in my life.. No idea if that all made sense but i had to share lol..


Hey so i have been uber busy and not being able to get much out when i wanted.. but here is finally some new stuff..

Also- im 5 days late letting you know about my SYSP Item i made.. I have made a new Skin for it. I LOVE my new skin i made for it.. =) Only 99L and it comes with Skin tone Tan, cleavage options, with and without eye brow options, and Prim lashes.. After the event is over this skin will be 499 per skin tone so dont miss this.. Make sure to try the demo first tho.. ONLY 99L For the month of NOVEMBER
Click here for a teleport-

Im currently in a fund-raiser to help a lady with some medical bills some of you have probably heard of this called Tomorrow today.. I have set up a stall on the third floor along with many other awesome designers.. Everything in my stall sold 65% of each purchase goes to the cause.. so make sure you come check it out..
Click here to teleport to location-

   Dirty turkey hunt is going on.. I have placed an item in my store for it..

Horror haute event is over and i have placed the item in VIP Group gift area.. so make sure to grab that for free if you are in the vip group..

   So im officially going to start selling full perm Mesh items.. How often depends on how often i make them lol but here is my first Full Perm Mesh Release-
These are display boxes.. U can adjust the size to whatever you want.. They come with the Uv Map, Mesh and Baked texture.. Only RULE is DO NOT Sell Full Perm.. =)
All 4 boxes are connected.. LI= 1 or prim count is 1.. these are fun to have in your store or home.. to use for shelving or displaying items of some sort.. Make sure to try the demo first.. $300 L

Studded leather boots- I spent alot of time trying to get these textures just great for you.. They are alot of fun these boots.. Each color comes with two options for you to wear.. Comes with a split color and then a solid.. They are rigged mesh and copy only..
$150 L Each color set
$800 L For FatPack (7colors)

Frosted Eyes-
  Comes in 7 colors copy only.. these are fun and a great way to brighten up your eyes..
$100 L

See you soon
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