Monday, February 20, 2012


Im abit behind on letting you know i set up my fishing area.. U were already able to fish but I Didnt have anything in there i created.. NOW I DO.. hehe..
Every so often i will add new items. The items that were up for fishing you will then beable to buy on the wall behind the fountain.. And then you will beable to fish for the new items..

NEW ITEMS TO FISH FOR.. u cant get them any where else but in the fishing fountain..
There is 7 of these leggings you can win.. They are all transfer... ONCE they go up for sale they will be copy only..

ALSO- SURVEY TIME.. I have a survey up for everyone to take.. It willl only take a few moments of your time and it will help us with your shopping experience.. If you would like to take the survey please check out the address below..
Survey Click here..

Please make sure to Register with the block so you can get updates in your e-mail.. =)

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