Monday, July 30, 2012

Vanity fair has started- also new survey

Hey i hope you take time to read this i have some event info for you, you dont want to miss pluss a quick survey i need you all to take to help me out.. =)

Click here to go to survey

Vanity fair has arrived, actually started on Saturday but im a little slow to announce it.. Ive made two items for this event that wont be sold in my store untill the event is over..
Vanity event is a full sim of awesome designers that have made some exclusive items for this event on top of nice sales and so on.. for my exclusive event items i made..

This comes with a skin, shape, prim lashes, styling card and brow shape.. U can most deff try the demo before you buy... =)

these lips come in 3 diff colors.. they are fun colors that work well on most skins but were made to work on the vanity skin i made for this event.. =)

I have not listed my prices on here so that way you guys will take a chance and come on down to the event and see for yourself.. =) Click here to teleport to the vanity fair

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