Monday, August 27, 2012

Hiring on a manager @ zombie suicide

You are interested in becoming a manager for Zombie suicide!!

this is a detailed notecard please read it all if you are really interested if not please discard and move on now..

Awesome deal just read the information below and if you still are interested please fill out the online Questionnaire  and after i get enough people applying ill go through them all and pick out who i think is the best for the job..

What i will need from my manager-
  Someone who can get around the store with ease.. Meaning if someone contacts them and asks where an item is you can easily explain where it is or show them where it is..

Someone who will take time to hang out in the store daily and greet people and help if needed.. (only has to be a short amount of time a day)

Someone who will take time to get to know the store and its Policy and rules..

Someone who will put the store in their Profile stateing they are the manager and what they can do to help.

Someone who Understands you cant be mean to customers no matter how badly you want to.. Just gotta hold your tongue.. I know i have to and its hard to do at times..

Sometime who will explain how to resize items and or how to edit items and so on..

Its not a need but would be nice if i could find someone that speaks spanish, french or any other language not just english.. To help me when i get someone speaking to me that doesnt understand english..

Someone who can have another avatar they make and add a bunch of groups to so that it wont clog up your main avi ( i will give you names of them) to advertise the mm boards and lucky chairs and game room Every day.. Without spamming and making the store look bad..

Someone who will find malls with awesome traffic and high sales for me to set up at...

You will not be moving anything in the store, you will not be building for the store, you will not claim this is your store, you will only be a helper.. someone to help me also get the store name out there..

**************If you are still interested****************
If you are accepted For your time you will get unlimmited amount of store credit.. You will beable to get what you want when you want..
You will also have your name in my profile and a picture of you in the store..
If i see you doing an awesome job you will get non credit rewards to.. but dont ask for these that is up to me to give and when.. =)

***************The Application********************
Its an online application to help you and me collect answers and so you dont have to come to my store if you dont have the time.. =)  Please go to the link below to fill out app.. =)

Application - Click here to go to it =)

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