Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If you have followed my flickr you know i have been working on some awesome ears for you all.. =)

Before you buy the ears make sure you buy the demo pack.. They will have a notecard included explaining more about the ears. You will be-able to see if you like how they fit and see if you like the sizes the gauges are.
After you buy the actual ear base(s) then you can see if you want to buy any add-ons or just keep them the way they are.. There is many add-ons already to chose from and more to come.. The ears are $499 and each add on is an addition amount.. But ive kept the price on them low so you arnt paying an arm and leg to get the look you want..

These ear add-ons you can mix and match to have each ear different if you want. They are also to help you become more unique and happy in expressing yourself.

If you ever have ideas on add-ons let me know in a notecard and if i accept your idea and make it you will get that add-on free.. =) thats right FREE!!!

here is a few pics of the add-ons if you want to see more you will have to come in to the store..

I hope to see you soon-
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