Sunday, April 28, 2013

NEW SHIZ - 4/28/13

The Bandanna headbands have been a hit so i made three more texture sets for them.. Plain, polka dots and Striped.. Each comes with 7 colors and price in main store for $125..
Dont forget you can still get the bandanna original textures at black market event for only 100L..

Camo Ski masks- I had the black version out for perfect wardrobe but a new round is about to start so im putting them in my store now.. It is scripted and comes with 7 colors. Rigged mesh 5 sizes and a non rigged mesh if youd rather that.. U also get diff alpha layers for it so it fits nicely.. =D any issues let me know.. The entire set is only $125 at main store..  There is a demo to try before you buy..
Tp to main location Now  -

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