Sunday, October 13, 2013

More info on my Body Mod Expo Item

Seems People are enjoying my chest implants i made for the body mod expo.. I figure once the event gets close to ending i will make more for the body and diff areas then just the chest.. :D i have tons of ideas for them..

For those unsure the chest implants in RL are a silicone implant that goes under the skin could be a shape of a star or heart or whatever u really want and once under the skin, the skin will raise over the implant int he shape.. Its pretty kewl some people have skull faces on their hands and stars on the top of their feet and or brass knuckles shape on their chest and so on..

I have never seen anything like it in sl and so it began.. I made 5 shapes to start, since men and women have diff chest shapes they had to be made to fit the shape of each so u as a female can buy female shape and fit and guys buy guy version and fit..

Im adding pics of RL implant and then a few pics from how it looks in sl from a side view and front view with no ad pictures or edited pics just straight from sl to here..

First pic is of the RL one-  this is of a brass knuckle so i will show u my version of a brass knuckle then i will show u a side view of a star one i have and a few other angles..

Make sure u check out the expo there is tons of item there.. And if u have other suggestions please feel free to write them in a notecard for me.. :D

they are easy to match to ur skin as well..

Tp to BODY MOD EXPO check them all out

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