Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ask Isis Zamin -

So i posted my first video today :)
  Seemed it was liked by others.. Link to the video its parts 1 of three, to see the other 2 look in description.

So with the good feed back i had on those videos i figured i wanted to start something new..

    You ask me any question you want and every friday or whenever i can i will sit in video and answer them honestly and bluntly..

     Ask me what i think about drama or things in sl or stuff about my store or my own personal life.. Im super honest and open anyway.. There will be a few things i don't answer but thats to keep my family in private as they are not HUGE on telling the world who they are.. :)

You can write me a comment here or on my fb or a notecard or anything and ill keep them and once it is time to answer questions ill answer yours in the order i get them. :)  If you dont want me saying who asked me the question please say so or i will say your name in my chat..

So ask away..
<33 much love

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