Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fierce And Fluffy -

Fierce Entertainment, SL Events, would like to extend an invitation to join us for an all new themed event - Fluffy and Fierce Event + Hunt! For those of you that love all things cute, sweet, angelic, or if you revel in the darkness, gothic, and demonic, this is an event for you to bring your very best innocent, or evil side.

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 - The event will run from Sept. 16th - Sept. 30th

- You must have ONE new exclusive item. If you choose to do both Fluffy AND Fierce, you MUST have TWO new releases.

- Each designer will be allowed 20 prims, at a flat fee of 500L. One gacha will be permitted (within your prim limit).

- Setup must be completed by Sept. 14 at midnight.

- No nudity/pornographic items. This is a moderate and family-friendly event!

- Templates are allowed, however you should try to make them the very best of your ability/style. In other words, put some effort into it!

- There will be a hunt running alongside the event! Inside your booth will be an item with a hint and landmark to your mainstore - this is where you will hide your gift. The gift can be old or new, whatever you wish to put out for free. We hope to get more shoppers to your main locations as well as the event itself!

If you think this event will tickle your fancy, please click the link below, read over the full set of rules, and fill out the application! If accepted, you will be hearing from us!


- The event will run from Sept. 16th - Sept. 30th. You MUST post at least 3 times by Sept. 25th.

- You will be assigned 3 designers that you MUST blog. This is not optional. If after you have blogged those that were chosen for you, you may then continue to blog other designers that are in the event.

- You must have a Flickr account that you use and keep updated.

- Posts must be clear and all items must be easily seen.

- All posts for the event must be Moderate/PG! Absolutely no nudity/pornographic images. This is a family friendly event.

 Think you might be interested?! Read over the full set of rules, and fill out the application. If accepted, we will contact you, please do not contact us.

Isis Zamin
Ladjgirl Resident
Drusilla Dethly

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