Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Help Find A Cure

Ima be annoying for the next month or so sharing this every few days or so because it is so important to me and my family.

We need your help!
Share/Donate Either does a ton of help

We are raising money for JDRF an amazing group trying to help find a cure for T1. I am leaving the D off because so many are confused when they read Diabetes. My daughter has a severe autoimmune disease. They do not know what causes it but that it is nothing we did and as of right now it will affect her for her entire life. The type of diabetes she has is super rare.

On sept 24th the donations will close and Our team Pumpkin Patch will do a 5k walk.

Ty everyone who has shared and those who have donated. You all are amazing and mean the world to me. Much love from my family to you <3

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