Friday, April 6, 2012


Hope you all enjoy the new items also we have update our store a ton and have a new way to check up on us.. See links above the store logo to find ways to stay up to date with us.. =)

Tragic lop Elf ears V2 - Has a hud to change skin tone, Tunnels, Each ear gauge and Piercings.. They are Part Mesh..
$150 L

Lollipop Skins- Comes in 4 skin tones to chose from- Just make sure you try the demo first.. Each skin tone comes with Prim lashes.. Or grab the fatpack..
$399 L Each skin tone
$ 1200 L For FatPack

Cute Piercing- This is modifyable and attaches to nose.. Comes with and without the shadows... Has preset colors to change the piercings to or u can mod it to change to your own choice of colors.. $110 L

Zebra Striped Lip Tattoo's-
Comes in 6 pre set colors or you can take the tintable layer and find whatever color you want.. These are super cute and tons of fun.. $100 L

Gacha Faced Undies- 12 Diff faces with 3 diff colors to win pluss a Rare Zebra print one you could get.. All are transfer or buy the Fatpack and get them all these are all copy only..
Gacha -transfer only- 15 L each
Fatpack - Copy only- 125 L

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