Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NEW ITEMS April 18th 2011

New items are up at the main location and market place..

So ive never released any mesh items yet and ive been asked to get some out so this release will have some of my first mesh items.. yay lol..

Dont forget to check out the game room and win tons of free prizes.. =)

Lets get started..


Zebra Mesh Boots
Comes in white and Black
4 sizes included
these are copy only

Sugar Skull Mesh Boots
These come in 4 sizes.. and the alpha layer.. they are very fun..
These are copy only
$150 L

Zombie Mesh Sweat Pants
These come in 6 fun colors and each color has 7 sizes for you to plus you get a alpha layer..
These are Copy only
$200 L

Ring collection v1
These are copy/mod
fits sizes 10 and 20 hands..

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