Monday, November 12, 2012


Well Quick few notes..
  This is my first round of forgotten closet events.. and for this round is very awesome cause its COD/Military Themed.. I have up two items at their location Dedicated to this theme.. You cant get them anywhere else untill the next theme starts then i will put them in my store..

I want to give a shout out to all our military and military families and say thank you for all you have done.. It hasnt gone un noticed.. My hubby served 3 tours in iraq in only 4 years.. It is not an easy thing to go through..

Anyway on to the new shiz for this event..

  this war paint comes in 3 versions and is UNISEX as you can tell in the pic.. It as well gives you a cut on the lip and makes your face just a smidge dirty.. 

The rings and nails are seperate.. The rings come in size 10 and 20.. They are all copy/Mod to help you fit them better if you need.. The rings have a nice amount of amo on them and the nails are black n tipped with a army green.. 

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