Monday, November 5, 2012

NEW 11/5/12

I must say i have the most greatest bestfriend in the world.. im lucky to have her in my RL and my Sl.. Sae luan is an amazing person and my life has never been so complete tell she came in my life.. No idea if that all made sense but i had to share lol..


Hey so i have been uber busy and not being able to get much out when i wanted.. but here is finally some new stuff..

Also- im 5 days late letting you know about my SYSP Item i made.. I have made a new Skin for it. I LOVE my new skin i made for it.. =) Only 99L and it comes with Skin tone Tan, cleavage options, with and without eye brow options, and Prim lashes.. After the event is over this skin will be 499 per skin tone so dont miss this.. Make sure to try the demo first tho.. ONLY 99L For the month of NOVEMBER
Click here for a teleport-

Im currently in a fund-raiser to help a lady with some medical bills some of you have probably heard of this called Tomorrow today.. I have set up a stall on the third floor along with many other awesome designers.. Everything in my stall sold 65% of each purchase goes to the cause.. so make sure you come check it out..
Click here to teleport to location-

   Dirty turkey hunt is going on.. I have placed an item in my store for it..

Horror haute event is over and i have placed the item in VIP Group gift area.. so make sure to grab that for free if you are in the vip group..

   So im officially going to start selling full perm Mesh items.. How often depends on how often i make them lol but here is my first Full Perm Mesh Release-
These are display boxes.. U can adjust the size to whatever you want.. They come with the Uv Map, Mesh and Baked texture.. Only RULE is DO NOT Sell Full Perm.. =)
All 4 boxes are connected.. LI= 1 or prim count is 1.. these are fun to have in your store or home.. to use for shelving or displaying items of some sort.. Make sure to try the demo first.. $300 L

Studded leather boots- I spent alot of time trying to get these textures just great for you.. They are alot of fun these boots.. Each color comes with two options for you to wear.. Comes with a split color and then a solid.. They are rigged mesh and copy only..
$150 L Each color set
$800 L For FatPack (7colors)

Frosted Eyes-
  Comes in 7 colors copy only.. these are fun and a great way to brighten up your eyes..
$100 L

See you soon
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