Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blog Post #5

Every once in a while i get a cute look together and i want to share it.. So here is i believe my 5th actual Blogger post.

Really fast wanted to go in a bit more detail on these horns. I just put them out in my store yesterday.. There is nothing like them on the grid yet that i know of.. U can match them to your own skin, there is 33 textures just for the horns alone, You can change the blood part to be black if you'd rather some are robots and such.  Overall they are really easy to use and alot of fun. I will be coming out with more versions of these to in the very NEAR future.. :D

Now on to the credits
Horns - Fleshy Horns - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Hair- BAB853 hair black - Boon (tp to main location)
Ears- Mesh Gauged Ears + accessories - Zombie suicide  (tp to main location)
Eyes - Frosted eyes White - Zombie Suicide (tp to main location)
Eye liner - Mesh eyeliner 1 - Action (tp to main location)
Makeup layer - Meta makeups (F) (Chin n shoulders)- +Nuuna+  (tp to main location)
Lashes - 2011 lashes/long - [LeLutka] (tp to main location)
Piercings - Nose and upper gum piercings - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Collar - Shimmer collar black n Silver - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Skin - Dark Side - Roza 01 - Glam Affair (tp to main location)
Shape - Hanna shape (modified) - Lust shapes (tp to main location)
Fingernails / Rings / hand horns - Infected hands - UtopiaH (tp to main location)
Tank dress - Palmistry tank black - Zombie suicide (tp to main location)
Boots - Eevie Boots [V2] - R3VOLT (tp to main location)

Hope you enjoy.. <333 Isis Zamin

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