Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My discount sale is over but i had left it up since i have been otherwise busy.. I will be removing it all asap.. Those items will no longer be sold again..

In the main store i have items that are old or are not mesh be it clothing to accessories and such and even my Templates.. I am not getting rid of these items i am however just putting them on MP they will no longer be found in my Main store.. so if you come to the main location and cant find half my stuff check market place.. As i remove it i will put it on marketplace.. :)

Im making room for all my newer items that are coming in.. I think i will jump on the bandwagon and make some stuff for tango's but dont worry i wont be charging you for the clothing and then again for the tango applier.. It will come with it and wont bring up the price of the item.. :)

However im not a huge fan of mesh boobs so not everything i make will have an applier so make sure you read the ads carefully..

Also if there is something you want me to make be it mesh accessories to a tango applier to whatever let me know or maybe an add on to my mesh ears or new fleshy horns.. If i accept your suggestion and make it, you will get it free for helping me come up with something new.. :)

hope this notecard has been helpful..
isis zamin

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