Thursday, April 13, 2017

Rotten Egg Hunt

Rotten Egg Hunt
April 14-17th you will roam the Lanisha sim and look for rotten eggs. Tons of stores have come together to take part.
Each egg will be 1-5L

Landing 1:
Landing 2:
Landing 3:
Landing 4:

Stores involved so far -
Twinkle, Sn@tch, Zombie Suicide, The Little Bat, Vexzi, PKC, Dark Passions, Epic, Envious, Barely Legal, Chemical Princess, Soul:, Kjlm Kids apparel, NVEE, Nightmare Fashion, Kawaii Whore, Deadpool, Mello, AFI Designs, Delirum Style, Tanoshi, Suicidal Unborn, Pin-up Tattoo, Psychotic Neko, Sakide, Aftershock, Vinyl, Lil things, Escalated, Dirty Stories,  {Malum}

You do not want to miss this hunt.

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