Saturday, April 1, 2017

Totally Topshelf

Zombie Suicide @ Totally Top Shelf
This round is at our Main Store Locations. How awesome.

Starting today - Come to my main store and grab a hud (by clicking on the poster for the event) Wear the hud and then in the store next to the sign click the treasure chest, this will mark your hud that you were at my store. Then go to each place on the hud by clicking the logo and doing the same thing at their store, click the treasure chest. Once all are X'd out then go to the prize room and collect all the free goodies. U can not get them unless you have been to all stores.
BUT- When you are at each store look for the exclusive item we have made for this round. Weve all made at least 2 items one exclusive you can buy and one you win at the end. <3

Alta kini
This is my exclusive for this round. <3
Velvet eyes simple pack is my free item you will gather. <3


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