Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Items April 30th

So im a day late posting on the blog.. but better late then never.. hehe..

So ive released some full perm items.. This basic Template comes with a dl link so you can start creating right away, Premade top example and png textures.. Everything you need to get started..
$199 L

This full perm belted t-shirt template, comes with dl link so you can start creating right away.. Comes with a few pre made shirts, prim belt piece (so your butt doesnt look like it is eating your belt and shirt) and Png Textures..
$500 L

With great demand i get asked to put out more mix n match outfits.. to i have made two more..
Mix and match v4- Includes: Purple and green eyeshadow- tattoo layer only
Black Metal Lip Piercings - copy/ mod
Elastic arm wraps - Copy/ Mod
Knuckled necklace- Copy/ Mod/ Resize scripted
Buted Dress Purple- Jacket layer only.. copy only..
Black Nipple tape- Copy only
This Outfit Alone would cost alot more piecing it together then if i made it as a set..

Mix and match v5 Includes: Skull jeweled necklace.. - rezise scripted
Owl off shoulder top (prim cuff on left side and prim shoulde on right) - copy mod parts
Black Ripped Leggings- copy only
Dark boots..- copy mod and resize
Once again these would cost more seperate but as a outfit they are a cheaper deal..
$300 L

We are in an event this month.. The SYS project starts today..
Handful of skin creators have put out a new skin for only 85L each..
Here is what i have up for the project.. After the event is over ill be selling 4 skin tones that you can chose from for 399 each so better go get your copy today for only 85L

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