Thursday, May 10, 2012

NEW ITEMS 5/10.12

Some new stuff for you guys.. And more to come so keep watching..

Dont forget to check out our Game room.. it has just been updated with fresh items you guys can win..
Click here to head on over to the main Location--

Newest of my full permision templates-
This is No.5.. Cute top.. there is many ways you can set this up.. Stripes, no stripes, partial or full Sheer.. Comes with premade tops, Png Files and you get a instant download Link to get your Psd files..

Leopard print bandana tops- comes in 7 colors with jacket and shirt layers.. copy only.. These are sexy, fun, and super cute..

Punky Mesh Corsets- Comes in 3 corset patterns each pattern comes in 5 Sizes.. Copy only

Hope to see you soon =)
<3 isis

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