Thursday, May 3, 2012


******************** NEW STUFFS ********************

As you can tell this past week i have been on alot more and releasing new stuff and trying to keep the store up and running.. Pluss I have been really enjoying making new items for you.. Its rainy and cold where i live so why not sit at the comp and design.. hehe..

Dont forget to check out our Game room.. you can win all kinds of awesome items.. Or try your luck at our Gacha machines.. =)


Zebra Mesh Pocket Dress- This is a Rigged Mesh Dress.. It comes in 5 Sizes and alpha layer to help insure it to fit you better.. You may need to adjust shape some.. This dress is so sexy, punky, Cute.. you name it.. it has it.... Comes in 6 colors.. Copy only.. $200 L

Take a chance necklace- This necklace is resized scripted. Is Loaded with a color change script.. you can change the key, beads, dice to be all diff colors or all the same.. you chose what you wish for the combination.. Or you can mod it to find your own colors you like.. Attaches to spine..
Copy/Mod/Resize Scripte... $115 L

Ive been releasing Templates lately as well and i have two more ive released.. =) So for you all who like to create clothing these might be for you..

Full perm template #3- This is a sexy Top, The psd comes with alot of layers so you can change just about everything on this template.. U need to have photoshop to use this.. U get dl link to get your psd's, Ready to go tops and Png Textures.. $699 L

Full perm Template #4- I love jeans you can mix and match.. This template has some very sexy low ride jeans.. One side has zebra print and the other is reg jean print.. You can color both sides.. You must have photoshop to use these PSD files.. U will get link to download the psd files, Ready to go pants with prim cuffs and png files.. $799 L

You can find all my items at my main location or at my marketplace location..
Market place location Click here to teleport
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