Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New mix n match- events and info 10/23/12

Hey lovies-
  So i have a few new mix and match sets out and then some info for you all.. Hope you read it all =) I will probably put out more new items later today as well so keep watching.. ^..^
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Mix n Match- (where i take items already pre made in my store and mix n match them into outfits, they tend to be 25% less then if you bought each item separate to make the outfit)

 Mix n Match v6-
 Included: Pink long skull rigged mesh skirt with alpha layer and 5 sizes, Chillen top pink, October Skin (tan tone only), Lashes, Brow shape, Kelly piercing..  $550

Mix n Match v7-
Included: Wife beater top black, Low cut black jeans, Upper gum piercing with alpha layer to show teeth, Believe tattoo.. $175

Mix n Match V8-
Included: Upside down Cross piercing n Tattoo, Gas mask with breathing sound and smoke, Mesh scripted eyes with 6 textures and you can make each eye diff or same, Busted dress Purple. $265

Event info:

Boo Bunny Hunt- Look for a piece of candy in my store- I have out just a flesh wound.. @ my main store location.

Horror haute is about to start- 10/25/12.. This round its day of the dead or bloody gore stuff to put out and i chose to do a day of the dead face paint.. It is just for fun and will cost only 50$ L... Tattoo layer only.. this will be located at main store..

Again to tp to main location Use this link here!!

The black market i have an exclusive item there tell this round is over for 100$L

Dont forget the SYSP, it is where people put skins together and sell them for 99L, Each month there is a new round of skins added.. This month i have a skin out for 99L,

We have our haunted house going on right now that sae luan put a ton of work into- So make sure to tell her how much you enjoy the haunted house if you havnt yet..
Also while at the haunted house there is a scavenger hunt going on.. U figure out the story and win prizes.. =)

Halloween special - this is where 4 stores have come together and put some halloween items up for a great cost.. Not all items will be sold after this month so make sure to grab your items today..

Dirty turkey 3.0 a grid wide hunt starts Nov 1-30th
Picture coming soon for this item.. =)

Im sure im missing something lol

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