Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Items - 10/3/12

Some fun stuff for you today-
  dont forget that i have a skin up at SYSP for 99L and many other stores have put some awesome skins there to..
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   October Gauges- 10 versions to play with.. you can make each ear diff picture.. Comes with a hud to change the skin tone to match your own skin.. It doesnt come with a prim ear just sits at the bottom of your own ear..
$110 L

   Inverted Bloody cross chest piercing!!- pre scripted with 11 color textures to pick from and tattoo layer for blood markings.. comes with and without the shadows..

    Happy face stitches- i havnt done one of these in a while and felt is was more then time.. Tattoo layer only..

isis zamin
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