Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hello boys and gals.. We have a treat for you.. Every Halloween People sit around and tell scary stories.. Some are true and some are there to scare you..

We have a scary story for you - After you read the story and judge for yourself if its true or not.. Grab the lm below to get your hud and flashlight because you will need them to help solve this gruesome story.

But before you run off looking for the answer make sure to read the story-

The Haunting at Cute Poison - The Legend

Long ago, a husband and wife lived in the house that lies before you.  The couple were very much in love, and their lives were perfect.. until one terrible night.

As the wife was descending the staircase late one night, she lost her footing and began to fall.  Early the next morning, her husband found her at the foot of the stairs.  She was unconscious, but still alive, so he rushed her to the nearest doctor.

Upon awakening, the woman was confused, and did not know who she was or who her husband was.  After a few weeks of observation, the doctors would release her back to her husband's care, telling him that as time went on, she would begin to regain her memories.

The husband took his wife home, hoping for the best.  The woman did not say anything, she simply kept her eyes on her hands in her lap.  As the day turned to night, and nights turned to days, the wife still did not improve.  The husband was understandably upset, and wanted so badly to save his marriage, but he could not figure out what to do.

Late one night, the woman became increasingly unstable.  She had begun talking to the walls and floors, and staring at things that apparently only she could see.  Upon realizing this, the husband knew he had no choice but to take her back to the doctors and demand treatment for his wife's condition.  As the man shut his eyes that night to go to sleep, he never knew it would be his last night alive.

The man's co-workers wondered where the man was when he didn't come to work the next day, however, when he missed two days of work, they were concerned that he may have fallen badly ill, and knowing of his wife's condition, two men made their way to the couple's home that evening to check on their friend.

When the men came upon the front door of the house, they were confused to find it was slightly ajar.  They quietly pushed the door open and stepped inside.  The first thing they saw was blood.. blood was everywhere.  Frightened for their friend, they began to frantically search through the house for him.  As they entered the upstairs room of the home, they were shocked to find the wife of their friend sitting in the middle of the room soaked in blood, and rocking herself back and forth, muttering something very quietly.

As they called out to her, they quickly realized something was amiss.  The woman was not hurt... the blood was not hers.  They again called to the woman, at which point, her eyes raised to them.  Slowly, the words formed at her lips..

"He was a stranger.. I couldn't let him take me."

The surprised men asked her where her husband was, still not understanding.. Her chilling reply came quick -

"I saved only the skin, the bones, I silently hid."

Legend has it, if you look hard enough, you can find the scattered bones of the man all over the land of Cute Poison.  It is said that the lady of the house still haunts the walls of this place, cursing any who enter.  Of course, the story is something of a Halloween tale, told to scare people around that time of the month.

You be the judge.  If you believe this tale, take a flashlight, take a HUD, and start your search.  Find the old man's bones, and surely you will be rewarded.  You will find your first bone in the mausoleum.

Good Luck!
Take the lm below to get started.. Hud and flashlight are located on the stairs to my main store =)
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If you finish the scavenger hunt you will be rewarded =).....

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