Saturday, October 6, 2012


tell you about the awesomeness we are bringing you for the month of October and for Halloween.. ^..^

New item for my store - Believe neck tattoo.. Comes in many layers.. and only 30L
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Now for the Awesomeness....
  To start off we have a church dedicated to halloween items and october themed items.. This area will be added to over the month so you must keep checking back.. Right now we have some really awesome items you dont want to miss.. Some you will not beable to buy after the month is over.. and marked down to amazing prices.. <3
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    After you stop over at the church for hallo ween special madness take a trip to our haunted house area.. This area is amazing and done by sae luan.. She has put so much time in effort into this that you dont want to miss it.. Read the notecard given when you get there to help you change your lighting and settings to get the best affect..
(will be adding pictures to blog soon)
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  On the 15th we will be having a scavenger hunt as well so make sure to keep informed about it all.. and keep returning to see whats new that has been added.. ^..^

isis zamin

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